Counsellors & Psychotherapists in Formby, Aintree & Liverpool City Centre 

  "Our aim is to provide a confidential space where our clients can be truly heard,
supported and empowered"

Are you finding it difficult to cope at the moment?  Perhaps you don't feel like "me" anymore.  Counselling can help a lot.  
Why not take the first step and give us a call? Our initial 30 minute counselling appointment is always FREE and we would love to help you. 
Each counselling session will be quality time for you to talk through your problems in a non-judgmental setting that will be uniquely tailored to you.  We will offer you a really safe and confidential space to talk.  We will listen as you explore your anxieties and will support you as you discover solutions to your problems.  Some things don't have a solution, such as the death of someone very close to you.  In such cases, we will help you work through your grief and come to terms with things which cannot be altered.

You may be worried about a member of your family.  We offer support to older children, as well as adults, who may be struggling to cope with the pressures of every day life. 
Please e-mail info@pinewoodcounselling.co.uk to arrange your free initial 30 minute counselling appointment.  


Pinewood Counselling Service
Liverpool based Independent Therapy Service with branches in Formby & Liverpool City Centre